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Conference Program

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Sunday 20th May, 2018

7:30am - 9:00am


9:00am - 10:30am

WS1: How to Woo Todays Healthcare Consumer

Ms Brianna McGuiness

WS2: Beyond the COSI – Towards a Richer Communication Assessment – Introducing FOCAS-ME

Mrs Bettina Turnbull, Mr David Crowhen, Professor Louise Hickson

WS3: Redefining Speech Mapping and Advanced Fitting Tools with Aurical and Hitbox

Mr Matthew Whitehouse

WS4: Screening, Assessing, Diagnosing and Rehabilitating Persons with (C)APD

A/Professor Wayne Wilson

9:00am - 10:30am

WS5: Head Impulse testing using the ISC Impulse

Mrs Marianna Charalambous

WS6: eLearning: Providing Daily Support Fools for Vertigo and Tinnitus Clients

Ms Joey Remenyi

WS7: Non-invasive Real-Time Verification and Validation of Hearing Devices

Ms Jenny Smith

Wax Management 1

Dr John Vorrath

10:30am - 11:00am


10:59am - 12:30pm

WS8: To Refer or not to Refer for Cochlear Implantation - Is it just Based on Profits and Opinions?

Dr Isabelle Boisvert

WS9: "It's about all of us" How can eHealth Enhance Family-centred Care for Children with Hearing Loss and their Families?

Dr Monique Waite, Dr Narina Scarinci, Dr Carly Meyer

WS10: Language is Caught not Taught: Applying Functional Listening Skills to Guide Amplification Decisions and Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss

Ms Aleisha Davis

WS11: Tinnitus 2018: Issues, Ideas and Solutions

Dr Doug Beck

11:00am - 12:30pm

WS12: Caring for Musicians' Ears: HEARsmart Tips and Tools for the Audiologist

Miss Siobhan McGinnity

WS13: Bone Conduction ABR in Neonates and Infants: How to Improve its use in the Diagnosis of Hearing Loss in Babies

Ms Florencia Montes

WS14: Expanding Skills in Adult Auditory Rehabilitation – Rehab Tools and Tips for use with Cochlear Implant Recipients

Ms Jade Parr

Wax Management 2

Dr John Vorrath

12:30pm - 1:30pm


1:29pm - 3:00pm

IC1: Implantable Solutions: An Overview for Audiologists

Dr Laura Dixon

IC2: The Value of Integrated Service Delivery in Ensuring Appropriate Audiological and Communication Interventions for Infants and Children with Hearing Loss

Ms Erika Haglund

IC3: Electrophysiological Assessments and Cochlear Implants: From Initial Assessment to Clinical Fitting

Dr Wai Kong Lai

IC4: The Use of Speech Mapping in Hearing Aid Verification

Jan Pollard

1:30pm - 3:00pm

IC5: Wideband Acoustic Immittance (WAI) Measurements and its Clinical Application in the Diagnosing Middle Ear Pathologies

Dr Venkatesh Aithal

IC6: Cochlear implantation for Children with Single-sided Deafness or Very Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Dr Karyn Galvin

IC7: The Dizzy Patient: How to Triage Patients Presenting With Vestibular Concerns

Dr Michael Maslin

Wax Management 3

Dr John Vorrath

3:00pm - 3:30pm


3:30pm - 5:00pm

IC12: Does it always take Two? Is CI Indicated for all SSD Patients? When, how, who should be Considered for CI?

Dr Dayse Tavora-Viera

IC13: Teleaudiology: A Client's Journey to Independence

Dr Elaine Saunders

IC14: Models of Auditory Rehabilitation with Adults following Cochlear Implantation: Building Empowerment

Ms Cleon Kirby

IC15: Clinical Research: Where to Start?

Dr Isabelle Boisvert

3:30pm - 5:00pm

IC8: Paradigm Shifts in Audiology, Cognition & Amplification

Dr Douglas Beck

IC9: Breaking the Shackles: Delivering New Service Models to People who Need Implantable Hearing Devices

Ms Yetta Abrahams

IC10: Tinnitus Assessment and its Clinical Application

Ms Janice Pollard

IC11: Cochlear Implant Fitting – Principles to Practice

Mr Saji Maruthurkkara

The program information on this website is correct at the time of providing, however, the organisers reserve the right to change the information where necessary without notice.

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International Convention Centre Sydney - 20-23 May 2018

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