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CPD Points

CPD points across all three categories will be awarded for participation in the National Conference.

Please note that CPD points will be collated and entered into your profile by Audiology Australia staff. This will be done over the first three weeks on June 2018.

You will be able to review your CPD points for the National Conference in your profile from Monday 18th June.

Please find below information on the number of points under each category and associated reporting requirements.

Category 1.1 – Maximum of 17 CPD points

The scientific program at the conference from Monday 21 May to Wednesday 23 May 2018 will accrue Category 1 CPD points. Points are calculated at 1 point per hour of education.

The maximum number of CPD points per day is:

Reporting Requirements

Conference CPD Points Evaluation Link

Category 1.1 – Libby Harricks Memorial Oration - 1 CPD point

Reporting Requirements

Libby Harricks Evaluation Link

Category 2.2 - Maximum of 6 CPD points

Points for Workshops and Instructional Courses on Sunday 20 May 2018 will accrue Category 2 CPD points. You will accrue 1.5 points for each workshop/instructional course you attend.

Reporting Requirements

Workshop/Instructional Course Evaluation Link

Category 3.6 - Maximum of 3 CPD points

Category 3 CPD points will be accrued by participating in the Poster Sessions. Posters will be displayed in the exhibition hall for the duration of the conference. 1 CPD point can be obtained for reviewing and reflecting on 4 posters. Therefore, to obtain the 3 CPD points for Category 3, you will need to review 12 posters over the duration of the conference.

Reporting Requirements

The National Office will log the points for your participation as long as you:

Poster Evaluation Link

Conference countdown


International Convention Centre Sydney - 20-23 May 2018

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